The Noraccords

where jazz meets blues


The Noraccords started its journey in the north of Sweden as we met through a mutual friend’s music venture. From day one, we spent hours on end in the studio together making songs with inspiration from our diverse life experiences. The shared passion for music and lyrics, seemed to have been the magic ingredient to create The Noraccord sound – where jazz meets blues combined with sing-and-song writing.

With one foot in the Nordic calmness and the other in vibrant England, this duo creates songs that appeal to an audience that wants to experience a heartwarming show best listen to in a tranquil environment.

Songs are constantly in making created by a creative text writer and a gifted guitar player where two voices becomes united.



Janne Berglund

Since three years of age JB has had a great interest of guitars. Being brought up in a music family where instruments such as accordion and citra was being played his interest for music has been immence. As a young adult JB was listening to records and was mimicking the music by ear. The record player was frequently used by Status Quo, Fleetwood Mac, ZZ-top to the jazz guitarist George Benson and Eric Clapton.

His first band was set up at the age of 12 called WATT 69 but it was not until the ZZ-top inspires band in the -80’s, Tres Hombres, JB’s music career took off. During ten years the band toured around Sweden, Norway and England.


Annika Cawthorn

As a young child Annika attended in several choirs and offered her family and guest dinner-music-shows with the piano at hand. Piano lessons and drama classes followed her through out her teens. Annika was determined to hit the stage at one way or the other. During her time at theater and music education at secondary upper school she decided jazz was the way to go.

As a teenager, she was part of a band who made it top ranked 11 weeks on the radio charts. As life passed on there was no space for music and her soul has been crying out to find a context to use her voice when living abroad and in a new hometown in Sweden. Choirs, lessons and many hours alone by the piano is now part of the past when The Noraccords has been formed.


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